The Supreme Legal Council of Ukraine ensures the maintenance of the Register of current professional status (RCPS) with a view to:

  • collection, storage and provision of reliable information on the current professional status, qualification competence and confirmation of documents issued in Ukraine;
  • registration of persons who have acquired the right to be included in the register on occupations by professionally regulated and unregulated activity in Ukraine and abroad.

The entry of information into the Uniform Register of Professional Professional Status is carried out by the Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council in the manner prescribed by the Regulation on the procedure for keeping the register and data recording.


In accordance with the Regulation No. 13, the current professional status defines the professional position of the subject in the employment structure recognized at the state level. The current professional status allows us to establish the basic professional criteria and the level of professional knowledges, skills, abilities, techniques, which contributes to the formation of quality work, authority, respect, prestige of the subject in society (team). In addition, the information received from this Register allows you to confirm or refute the extent of the rights and responsibilities of the subject. The presence of this status is recognized in the established procedure and necessarily in the course of carrying out professional activities in Ukraine and abroad in accordance with the international agreements binding on it.


professional ethics


  • professional;
  • personal;
  • social.

business reputation

absence of restrictions