General English courses without specialization on legal topics have been developed for those students who want to speak a foreign language and who are planning to go on a trip abroad. These courses will be an excellent basis for further learning of specialized vocabulary and preparation for international exams. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn the culture and legal systems of different countries. General English courses aimed at enhancing language competencies, the development of communication skills and overcoming of psychological barriers in communication.

Training is conducted in small groups and is targeted to form and improve of all basic language skills according to the level of training difficulty. Systematic approach to studying, reading and writing improves critical thinking skills and develops a “sense of language”. During the course, students complete the final and training tests to monitor progress and identify further areas of development.

You may start training at any level:

Basic (А1-А2)

Intermediate (B1-B2)

Advance (С1-С2)

Previous level will be specified through testing after which students will distributed into the relevant group