Legal studies abroad

If you want to obtain higher education abroad, you need a qualified and professional advice regarding documents for entry into the foreign universities, tuition and acquiring skills. To get all the information you can in our organization in Ukraine, so the difficulties you will encounter with, did not surprise you.

TOP-3 facts you have to know about the higher education in other countries

  1. There are two ways of admission to university:
  • direct entry;
  • special training course provided by educational establishment.

The first way chose those students who have already graduated or are students of 1-2 courses at Ukrainian universities and who perfectly speak English and have international certificates, including: A-level, IB, LSAT GMAT, GRE etc.

The second way is for those who would like to enroll right after the secondary school, and they need to pass previous training program offering by college to eliminate the difference between academic disciplines, which exists in Ukrainian and foreign universities.

  • Legal education is one of the most prestigious

Legal education abroad is deemed prestigious and advantageous because you obtain many professional opportunities after graduation: you can work in both the public and private sectors. Undoubted advantage of study abroad for a lawyer is a chance to settle in a foreign company, if you have sufficient knowledge and practical skills.

Given the fact that Ukraine is on stage of European standards adaptation, legal education abroad for Ukrainian is another important reason, as while studying abroad, you can improve your knowledge of European law.

  1. Documents required for entry depends on the country you have chosen

In our center, you can learn about the programs and required documents for a particular foreign university.

For information on required documents, training programs, educational institution, please contact our experts. You get all the answers you are interested in and make a big step towards your dream!