Apostille is a unique stamp using to simplify the procedure of legalization. It is also used to verify and confirm the authenticity of the signature of the person who placed it in on official document that has legal force. Apostille does not certify the content of certified document.

In Ukraine, the following state authorities have right to use apostille:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Apostille can be stamped at a certain number of documents. It is put on the official documents that you have received in universities or in the state agencies that are directly related to education and science, documents issued by the justice authorities, courts, notaries and many other documents.

Apostille is not stamped on a certain set of documents:

  • Foreign official documents;
  • Originals of passports;
  • Vehicle certificate;
  • Military ticket and other documents.

However, there is one important note to be made: apostille can be put on the copies of these documents certified by a notary in accordance with all key standards and legal standards. This rule is important for those who want to renew important documents before going abroad.

List of countries requiring 1 apostille:

1. Australia
2. Azerbaijan
3. Austria
4. Albany
5. Andorra
6. Antigua and Barbuda
7. Argentina
8. Bahamas
9. Barbados
10. Bahrein
11. Belize
12. Belarus
14. Bosnia and Hercegovina
16. Botswana
17. Brunei
18. Vanuatu
19. Venezuela
20. Armenia
21. Honduras
22. Grenada
23. Greece
24. Georgia
25. Denmark
26. Dominica
27. Dominican Republic
28. Ecuador
29. El Salvador
30. Estonia
31. Israel
32. India
33. Ireland
34. Iceland
35. Spain

37. Kazakhstan
38. Kyrgyz Republic
39. Cinna, Hong-Kong
40. China, Macao
41. Cyprus
42. Cabo-Verde
43. Columbia
44. Republic of Korea)
45. Latvia
46. Lesotho
47. Lithuania
48. Liberia
49. Lichtenstein
50. Luxemburg
51. Republic of Mauritius
52. Macedonia
53. Malawi
54. Malta
55. Republic of the Marshall Islands
56. Mexica
57. Moldova
58. Monaco
59. Mongolia
60. Namibia
62. Nicaragua
63. Germany
64. Niue
65. New Zealand
66. Oman
68. Cook Islands
69. Panama
70. Peru

71. South African Republic
72. Poland
74. Russian Federation
75. Romania
76. Samoa
77. San Marino
78. Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
79. Swaziland
80. Republic of Seychelles
81. Sent Vincent and Grenadines
82. Sent Kitts and Nevis
83. Sent Lucia
84. Serbia
85. Slovak Republic
86. Slovenia
87. United Kingdom
88. United States of America
89. Surinam
90. Tonga
91. Trinidad and Tobago
92. Turkey
93. Hungary
94. Uzbekistan
95. Ukraine
96. Uruguay
97. Fiji
98. Finland
100. Croatia
101. Czech
102. Montenegro
104. Sweden
105. Japan

Double apostille

Some countries require double apostille. It is necessary to certify Ukrainian diplomas and other documents that require legalization Apostille.

When making double Apostille it is necessary to follow a certain procedure: first Apostille is placed on the original document or a copy certified by a notary. Then translation to relevant foreign language is made. A notary should also certify this version of the document. Only then should the second apostille stamped on the document, which was translated into another language and certified by a notary.

List of countries requiring double Apostille:

1. Austria
2. Belgium
3. France

4. The United Kingdom
5. Portugal
6. Switzerland

7. The Netherlands
8. Norway
9. Italy

Service Duration
Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 2 days
Ministry of Foreign Affairs to 5 working days
Ministry of Education and Science 30 working days without request; to 20 working days with request; express 2 days