Conclusion of Integrity is a document, which confirms personal moral and psychological qualities and skills, general abilities of the individual, whose qualification is a subject to regulation.

Conclusion of Integrity is issued by a special Ethic Commission, acting at the Registration Department of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council and founded on the grounds of the Code of Conduct for Lawyers of countries of the European Union that was adopted on October 28, 1988 and the Council Directive 77/2490/EEC on the cooperation of effective services of lawyers and informational exchange adopted on March 22, 1977. Lawyers who are going to continue their studies or practice in legal performance abroad may need the Conclusion of Integrity, which is issued by the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council.

Conclusion of Integrity may be issued to persons, previously passed the verification of documents and registered at the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council.

Issuance of Conclusion of Integrity involves an administrative fee. Conclusion of Integrity may be sent to the foreign competent registration authority or to any other address, upon written request of the person. According to the rules of the AUSLC, the validity of Conclusion of Integrity is limited to one year, but according to the rules of other registration authorities, it can be valid just for 3-6 month. In this case, the lawyer shall submit a new application to the AUSLC for issuance of certificate.

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