Consular legalization is a procedure of authentication of documents that certifies a signature, seal and stamp put therein and that provides certification of documents by authorized bodies.

Documents, which may be legalized:

  1. educational documents (diplomas, certificates, supplements);
  2. originals of certificates issued by civil status registration departments;
  3. official documents issued or certified by notaries and drafted by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  4. educational documents of international standards accompanied with a letter from university that has issued the document, and certified by the Ministry to which university is subordinated*

* For foreigners educated in Ukrainian universities.

The following documents cannot be legalized:

  1. documents and acts which contradict the legislation of Ukraine or its content and may do harm to the interests of Ukraine;
  2. originals of passports;
  3. military tickets;
  4. labour books;
  5. gun license;
  6. vehicle registration certificate;
  7. driver’s license;
  8. ID;
  9. laws and regulations and explanations on its using.

Documents necessary to perform consular legalization:

For individuals:

  • passport;
  • application for consular legalization.

In case, when the document required consular legalization belonging to another person or written on the name of another person, the applicant must provide a notarized Power of Attorney from the owner of the documents.

For legal entities:

  • application letter on the headed note-paper with company details and seal, with specifies the list of document necessary for consular legalization and its aim;
  • information about person who is authorized to represent on issues of documents’ certification.

The procedure of legalization

Consular legalization is divided into four stages:

  • notarial certification. This step is required only for documents that are subject to notarization.
  • legalization at the Ministry of justice of Ukraine;
  • legalization at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine;
  • legalization at the relevant embassy/consular in Ukraine.

Note, different countries can has different requirements for consular legalization of documents. For example, some consulates accepts for legalization already translated documents, while others at forts requires legalization and then translation. Moreover, documents obtained in another country can’t be legalized in Ukraine. To provide legal force for these documents and use it in Ukraine you have to contact the foreign consulate of Ukraine (i.e. consulate of Ukraine in another state). But, if such institution is not available in the country shall contact the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), Costa Rica, Canada, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Uruguay, Chile, Qatar and African countries.

The states, which have bilateral agreements with Ukraine on legal assistance are not required legalization of documents issued by Ukraine (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Vietnam, China, Japan, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan). To produce a notarized translation of the documents will be enough for these countries.

Time to completion of consular legalization is 10-14 days.

Note: The term affixing consular legalization may vary depending on the embassy of the country where the document should be legalized.