Translation of documents is a complicated and responsible procedure. It shall be noted that all documents have to be translated by qualified specialists, especially if they will be submitted to different government authorities or private agencies and other institutions.

Quality officially certified translation may be required in the following cases:

  • immigration;
  • getting a visa (different types);
  • permission for employment abroad and obtain a license for provide legal activity;
  • opening a bank account in foreign country.

Most institutions, including the competent authorities of other countries which regulate legal activities pay attention to quality translation, not only to correct of translated documents and there are times when mistranslation leads to rejection of application or refuse the request. Usually payment for procedures is non-refundable, so quality professional translation helps you save time and money.

The All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council provides translation services of texts in language pairs as English – Ukrainian/Russian and German – Ukrainian/Russian. Department of Translation of the AUSLC makes any kinds of translation, from official documents (certificates, applications, documents issued by the Civil Status Registration Departments, labour book, etc.) to complex scientific texts (scientific articles, reports, legislation documents of other countries, legal documents, etc.).

We’ll provide advice on any question relating to the translation of documents and texts with further notarization.

Call us or write at any time and we’ll accept and fulfill your order as soon as possible.

Advantages of Department of Translation of the All-Ukrainian Supreme Legal Council:

  • longtime experience;
  • complete remote service;
  • favorable price;
  • qualified specialists.