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LTC delivers Kryterion exams as authorized test centre and helps the most trusted and fastest growing companies find best specialists.

LTC strives to use leading edge technology to be not only national but global leader in testing services. 
Kryterion is a platform that delivers tests through a variety of delivery formats and manage data from anywhere. LTC spends a lot of time
exploring and thinking about our clients needs in order to provide examinations with an outstanding software with a logical flow and useful tools. Duration and fees depend on certain exam’s type and may vary. 
Kryterion provides:
  • flexibility: various formats (online or test centre)
  • managing: platform stores data and details of candidate;
  • security: owner’s methods keep all of the information hidden and protected.

Register for Kryterion

Visit www.kryteriononline.com and choose needed sponsor.

Choose appropriate test or exam.

Choose test center and date.

You will get an e-mail that keeps information about registration with given personal code. This one will be needed when candidate will visit test center for examination.

Individual has to provide proctor (office representative) with ID card or driving license, invitation with personal authorization code received by e-mail. Preparing person’s testing station, proctor gives test-taker rules and asks to read them.

Sponsors/owners of the tests decide by themselves when results are going to be available for test-takers. Some may be shown right after session. LTC does not issue or/andprovide official certificates

To order the service

Register for the test

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