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The higher-standard TOEFL test measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand English as it’s read, written, heard and spoken in the university classroom. It is designed to help individuals do well by preparing them to express themselves confidently in English in the university environment. The world’s premier English-language test for university study, work and immigration. Accepted by more than 11,000 universities in over 150 countries, the TOEFL iBT® test helps students stand out confidently in English and show they have what it takes to succeed.
The TOEFL  Structure:
The exam consists of 4 sections and takes approximately 3 hours in total to complete. Individual can score between 0 – 120 on the TOEFL (also person will receive 4 scaled section scores: 0–30)) and the exam does not give a pass or fail grade as higher education institutions set their own TOEFL requirements. However, the scores students receive are valid for a period of two years after the test date.
  • Reading includes two main question types: Multiple Choice and Drag-and-Drop. Test-takers read three or four passages from academic texts and answer questions (3-4 passages, 10 questions each, 54-72 minutes);
  • Listening contains similar types of questions as the reading section (Multiple Choice and Drag-and-Drop). Candidates listen to lectures, classroom discussions and conversations and answer questions (3-4 questions, 6 questions, 2–3 conversations, 5 questions each, 41-57 minutes);
  • Speaking provides test takers with a microphone to record themselves responding to two types of prompts in the speaking section. Candidate will express an opinion on a familiar topic; speak based on reading and listening tasks (4 tasks: 1 independent, 3 integrated, 17 minutes);
  • Writing is the final section of the exam. It requires test takers to compose written responses to two tasks. Test-takers will write essay responses based on reading and listening tasks (2 writing tasks, 50 minutes).

Fee to take the TOEFL – 180$.
TOEFL profile provides service MyBest™ Scores that is a new feature that combines individual’s best scores for each section from all of valid TOEFL scores in the last 2 years to give candidate a way to show best overall test performance. Test taker can download and print a PDF copy of score report from personal account, within 8 days after taking the test. Certificate also may be requested in a form of paper document through services of offical provider.

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