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Since 2016 in Ukraine has been established an Authority that provides national registration of legal facts. These are crucial for verification of the specialists’ professional qualifications and status. Services include immigration compliance screening, educational background, qualifications, academic mobility and language proficiency checking. USLC is National Registration Authority with unique access to state information systems for confirmation of security and accuracy of the information given in issued documents.


A professional who registers with the USLC has to complete several steps, an examination, which involves:

  • verification of personal data and declarations;
  • verification of educational documents;
  • verification of documents confirming professional and work experience;
  • verification of information on passing qualification exams;



A person registered with the USLC has profiles in the relevant registers held by the USLC. Data is updated every 3 months to verify information, and assist in identifying discrepancies that may not be detected during the initial control:

– assigned registrar automatically updates the information by submitting requests to public authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions, and organizations;

– the registered person independently submits updated information through the service portal or electronic cabinet, which are subject to verification;

– public authority, local government, enterprises, institutions, organizations from the moment when they received certain updated information in accordance with the subject of their activity about the person, immediately notify about it and provide accurate information to the USLC.


The employer, foreign registration authority, authorities, institutions, and organizations for confirmation of certain facts make request (according to the sample) to obtain from the registrar information:

– Did the person get an education?

– Аre educational documents legitimate?

– Did the educational institution have the right to issue an educational document?

– Is the educational document recognized abroad?

– Have disciplinary measures been applied to the person?

– Have measures of administrative or criminal liability been applied to the person?

– Is the declared length of service confirmed?

– Does the length of service meet the requirements of the country where the person will work?

– What positions and specialties may the requested candidate hold?

– Did the person take language exams?

– Did the person take professional exams?

– Did the person complete a professional internship?

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